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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Picture Review of our Year (PART 4)

With our FLI program, we were blessed with the opportunity to:
- lead See You at the Pole
- lead the Pledge of Allegiance at Cornelius Town Hall for National Day of Prayer
- learn from guest speakers every month
- read to our 2nd grade buddies
- lead chapel
- put together care packages for the homeless
- lead morning announcements

I'm sure there's much more to add,but I've been sitting at this computer in the same position for much longer than any human should stay sedentary, so I will wrap it up. God has blessed me with AMAZING students and we had an incredible year. 

- Mrs. Bush 

Picture Review of our Year (PART 3)

Fifth graders used the document camera and their computers to create a power point slideshow of action figures and prepositions. They took pictures of each preposition taking place, uploaded them to the computer, and created a power point slideshow with the pictures and prepositional phrases. Then, they shared! 

Students edited and revised their work in stations. Each station had little checklists and prompts for focusing on a different aspect of editing. 

Students went around the school reading passages about how different cultures celebrate Christmas. As they read, they jotted down notes. Then, they wrote a 5 - 7 sentence paragraph summary about what they read for each country. Great lesson on reading, writing, and social studies all in one! 

This year, we practiced close reading, where students take specific notes on a passage, and read it more than once. It's a great way to solidify understanding of a passage that may be in a student's frustration level, or just beyond their full comprehension. 

- tested blood types to see which can be save for donors and receivers
- did a HUGE human body group project where each team took a different body system and became experts. One student in each group was either the professor, dietitian, physical trainer, or doctor. 
- tested the effectiveness of all 6 simple machines through experiments and tests that followed the scientific method
- created rockets to test Newton's third law of relativity
- became red blood cells and traveled through an enormous body in the gymnasium, picking up waste, dropping off oxygen, and much more
- created our own cookie islands including each landform we learned about
- tested the effects of erosion and deposition in stream tables

I'm sure there's much more, but my brain is already on over-load! 

Fifth grade students, as part of our FLI (Future Leaders Institute) had the super opportunity to help lead chapel for 3 - 5th grade. Jobs included: 
- Welcome/prayer team
- Worship leaders
- Sound team
- Greeters 

Picture Review of our Year (PART 2)

As's a continuation of our year in review.

Every other Thursday, we read to our second grade buddies. In addition to reading together, we performed readers' theater for them, created crafts for a 100th day celebration, and had an end-of-the-year party to celebrate a year full of awesome growth! 

After spending weeks writing poetry of different forms and compiling it into a poetry booklet, students shared their hard work in Poetry Cafe. We transformed the classroom, played jazz music, enjoyed hot cocoa, and read poetry. We even snapped instead of clapping after each poem. :) 

After studying westward expansion before the Civil War, we experienced life as cowboys did. Students went on a MAJOR scavenger hunt throughout the school. They lost cattle along the way, had to make quick decisions, enjoyed biscuits and a campfire, listened to cowboy music, and encountered Native Americans. In the end, they were paid for however many cattle they had left. 

If you haven't heard of this field trip, LOOK INTO IT! Students study economics and business in a free enterprise system for weeks in preparation for this event.Then, they head to downtown Charlotte where there is basically a city run completely by students. Every aspect of the city is covered, from banks to food. Each business has a CEO, CFO, and employees. The kids learned soooo much and enjoyed every minute!